Should you share personal posts on your real estate social media profiles?

Q: I've heard that there is a personal to business posting ratio that I should follow for my social media. Something like for every 3 business posts I should share 1 personal post. My question is, should I share personal posts on my real estate social media? If so, what is the right ratio?

A: Great question! The philosophy around how much or how little you should share personal posts on your social media will vary from expert to expert. Some will give you a ratio like you've described, and others will say that it's unacceptable to publish anything personal on your business pages at all. Really, there is no right or wrong answer to this question, but there are best practices you should follow if you are looking to grow and engage your audience as a strategic effort to build a brand which will generate leads directly from your profiles.

In a social media world where lifestyle blogging is all the rage, it's easy to get caught up in sharing your day-to-day life on your real estate profiles. What you're eating, where you're traveling, your new car, your baby's first steps, the calories you burned during your workout...these are all common things that we frequently see across the profiles of real estate agents around the country. And honestly, it makes us cringe every time we see it.

In order to thoroughly answer this question let's unpack why some experts suggest sharing personal posts in the first place.

Social media at its core was created to provide a space for people to make connections, build relationships and, SOCIAL. When this aspect is lost, social media really becomes very dry, boring and obsolete. This is largely why many real estate agents are being advised to share personal posts on their social media.

As a real estate agent you are probably a single-person business, right? You are the business and the business is you. So it's convenient for you to maintain one single social media profile to share all there is about you, am I right? Plus, you have to keep fresh content on your profiles and what's easier than sharing what you are about to eat for lunch! 🤯

But we at KŌR BRANDING challenge our clients to think about their social media accounts as their biggest assets to their brand. This often means not doing what is easy or most convenient.

The ratio you mentioned--3 business to 1 personal--is a great ratio for your personal/private social media accounts. Not those accounts branded for your business. In fact, we suggest flipping this ratios for your personal pages, 3 personal to 1 business. This is a great cadence for your friends, family and associates on your personal page to stay connected with you while not forgetting you are a real estate agent. NOTE: THIS RATIO IS ONLY A GUIDELINE. YOU WILL HAVE TO DETERMINE WHAT THE RIGHT RATIO IS FOR YOU.

For your business pages, however, we strongly recommend you keep it focused on business. And we recommend this for three reasons:

1. The more focused and niched your account is, the faster you can begin to grow an audience.

2. Your audience knows what to expect from your profiles when they visit.

3. It solidifies your brand.

We work with our clients to understand that there is a difference between sharing personal posts and making personal connections on social media. So, even though we strongly recommend you keep your business pages focused on business, it doesn't mean we can ignore what social media was created for in the first place--to provide a space for people to make connections, build relationships and, SOCIAL!

The question now becomes, "how can I make personal connections on my business page without sharing personal posts?"

Here are a few ways you can do just that:

1. Share behind the scenes of your business

2. Go LIVE on Facebook or Instagram

3. Answer common questions

4. Provide helpful tips and trends

5. And if you MUST share what you're eating, where you're traveling, your new car, your baby's first steps or the calories you burned during your workout, tie it back to your business somehow!

So, rather than looking to share personal posts on your real estate social media, look to make personal connections with your audience in a way that prompts them not only to follow you, but engage with your content and become potential clients as well.