Automate the day-to-day

kor branding social media management

We've conducted hundreds of discovery meetings with real estate agents and the one thing that is consistent among every one of them is that they have very little time for the tactical side of managing their social media profiles. Our clients enjoy the feedback and engagement they get from their audiences. They even like managing the customer service side of social. But when it comes to to the time-consuming process of researching content, developing creative and publishing to their accounts, most agents simply aren't excited about doing it.

Consistency is key when developing and maintaining your brand. At KŌR we offer coaching services that not only develop solid social media strategies for our clients, we'll also teach you the best tactics to manage your accounts. Depending on your needs, we will help you streamline the process of researching content and even assist in the development of simple graphics. But if you aren't quite ready to release the reigns to your social media profiles, we recommend automating your posts to ensure your accounts consistently have relevant, fresh content for your target audiences.

Here are a few options to schedule and automate your social media posts for some of the most frequently used social media sites:


Natively within Facebook (this is preferred)